Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Artists News:

Behold the Old Bear – New Video Streaming and Pre-Order!! Behold the Old Bear – New Video Streaming and Pre-Order!!

Behold… the mind altering new video from Glasgow’s Behold the Old Bear! The... 

Martin John Henry – New Video! Martin John Henry – New Video!

De Rosa frontman Martin John Henry released his acclaimed debut solo album “The... 

Behold the Old Bear – New Single and Vic Galloway Bands to Watch for 2013! Behold the Old Bear – New Single and Vic Galloway Bands to Watch for 2013!

photo by Mike Melville 2013 is set to be a great year for Behold the Old Bear, and... 

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The Gargleblast Couch:

Our Couch showcases some of the best new artists coming through our studio and rehearsal space.

Chris devotion and the expectations on the run Chris devotion and the expectations on the run

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Aquascene Aquascene

Aquascene on the couch!  Read More →

Muscles of Joy Muscles of Joy

this week on the couch we have 3 persons fae Muscles Of Joy n nat….  Read More →

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Wullie Blake: 21st century esoteric agony aunt

Hello, my name is Wullie Blake but you can call me Wullie.I was born in the mid 18th century in London I am a poet, painter, visionary mystic, and engraver, who illustrates and prints his own books. I proclaim the supremacy of the imagination over the rationalism and materialism of modern society. Misunderstanding has shadowed my career as a writer and artist however and I plan to make amends by resurfacing in the 21st century as an esoteric agony aunt.I will answer any troubling questions posed to me whether they be of a spiritual nature or not although the unknown modes of being is undoubtedly my area of expertise.

For now I feel the best manner in which to deal with questions is to recieve them here, I will then reprint and reply to them in the blog below. Ask away.

Latest advice from Wullie:

OK Wullie, lets cut the crap

OK Wullie, lets cut the crap. Two nights ago I dreamt I left Dr. Kiko’s door wide open, allowing his cat (which was actually a dog in my dream – but I called it a cat) to escape into certain feralism and possibly death. This relentless nightmare offered me little comfort when my dream proceeded to develop a satanic theme. That is to say,... [Read more of this advice]

Frontal plank fetish

right Wullie, Alright then how about this… If a tree falls out of the frying pan onto a butterfly in the far East, at which door to Pandemonium is the inner child of my frontal lobe fetish plank chapping yours, De Rosa Wullie Blake says You indeed pose me a task monsenor De Rosa. If the butterfly from the east pops in to visit Bill gates before... [Read more of this advice]

Time machine/eggbound

Dear Wull, I recently invented a time machine, only to find out that my uncle Germain has been travelling 30 seconds into the future and placing fried eggs in my pockets ( a pain in the balls , , true)how do i get my time machine back whilst broaching the egg thing keeping my dignity and not jeopardising my lute lessons?  your faithfully    Farrel... [Read more of this advice]

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