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Pan tasmagoria

September 15, 2010 by admin  
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Howdy ther,

Here’s a  link to the myspace Pan site just now until we sort out uploading mp3 s ans stuff here etc. There’s 10 tunes of a largely varying texture available to listen to there.


So we finally got off our arses and put in some serious recording time in the studio, eventually managing to record and finish some songs that we’re really happy with, we never seemed to finish anything properly before and have hopefully taken a few steps to make amends.
The songs December, Wander, Three Stomp Signal and Mizaru are close to finished mixes, Stillpoint will be remixed and Like Nemo will maybe be re-recorded,  the other tunes are vocal sample based i.e. talking with music,  A modern Man features the brilliant comedian George Carlin, 1st September has W.H.Auden reading a stunning poem written by himself, Stuff love features hilarious New York poet Kevin Kling speaking about his mother enrolling him in a taxidermy class when he was a kid amongst other things and monster in the box is another very short sample based tune. The vocal sample based stuff would probably be a separate venture from the singey song stuff we think.
Anyway, we’re setting our sites on releasing something at some point and would very much appreciate some feedback as apart from a few people at the studio, nobody has really heard the recent mixes, so any feedback would be most welcome.
your truly

Willem Dafoe,
suddenly reduced to doing voice overs for chicken fucking dippers! 


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