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Scissors System

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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Dear William Bloke.

I need to find out the hard way that now is then. And what size of scissors is best?

Your’s gratefully, Soul Power.

Wullie Blake says

Dear S.P. If you want to find out the hard way then there’s no point in me telling you, all I can offer by way of advice is that now is always now and then is the skin shed by the snake, which served it well but now lies discarded like a half eaten hamburger supper on top of an electrical box, inspiring nowt but casual disgust and seagulls. For the cutting, I would recommend nano scissors strung from exotic matter, these can be used to cut paper, levitate or reduce the mass of an object in their vicinity by forty four percent, comes in useful on occasion.

your sincerely

Polonius Lizard

Comments -

Pete/Dear Sirs,

Might I also add that, in my experiences, nano-scissors have also been well-suited to dealing with hang-nails although perhaps less capable when as instruments for the opening of Department stores, museums and the like (when a public display of scissor-effectiveness is required). I am uncertain as to the more general point about an item’s general usefulness and the public demonstrability of that trait although I suspect that there may indeed be an inverse relationship.

Kind Regards, Daniel Merriweather

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