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What is it about cheese and Toast?

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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Dear Wullie,

What is it about cheese on toast?

Rick & Steve (The Happiest Gay couple in All the World)
Wullie Blake says,
Nice to hear from you again Pete.Well , cheese on toast, I actually had some today, 4 half slices, open plan/tom and jerry format, after returning from Asgard on my modified ironing board, a little salt, a little pepper, lovely.
What “it is” though is so simple that it’s somehow hard to explain. It’s the tasty pizza precursor prototype feast which can be magically produced from an almost empty fridge, amongst other things, it’s breakfast for some ,supper for others, both for a few more, dinner if you’re skint. There’s a posh recipe somewhere involving thick rustic bread, Camembert and watercress but my Kurt Russell divining rod told me to steer well clear so comply i did. Accessibility and simplicity have to have something to do with “it” and all the many variations of preparation, to preheat or not to preheat the grill, toast both sides? and if so, how much? , use butter, sauce, tomatoes, rabbit shit, i tried this for a bet once but shat out of it (no pun intended) at the last minute. Bread comes from stuff grown in fields, cheese comes from milk which comes from cows and goats and they hang about in fields, maybe cheese on toast was destined to exist in a field of its own.
Who knows Pete?, it’s a complex one to be sure and I’m not, it’s all wacktose intolerant speculation from me I’m afraid. I only have a packet of grated mild cheddar just now, i got too lazy to buy the “slice it yersel” cheese.
anyway, cheers for waking me up, I’ve been on twitter probing new vistas of banality and needed something to get my teeth into.
John Cheese

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allan carrol

For both these methods, I suggest switching on the grill before getting the bread out or slicing the cheese. 

Gas based grill: Lightly toast one side. Put sliced cheese on untoasted side. Don’t be stingy with the cheese. 

Electric grill: Put 2 slices of bread in one slot of a toaster so that only 1 side gets toasted. Put sliced cheese on untoasted side. Don’t be stingy with the cheese. 

I’ve always stood by this method (depending on grill type) and I’ve never had a bad batch. And I call it ‘roasted cheese’ which seems to get folk’s backs up.


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