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Upon last nights metaphysical musing..

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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Dear Wullie Blake

Upon last nights metaphysical musing I found a period of darkness followed where upon a million dancing colours and fractured adventures pulled me through a period of time where the sun had completely disappeared from view, per chance could this be the visitation of spirits or a prophetic vision? I was in a giant swimming pool being forced to out run a huge shark and a number of flat fish with my parents as part of some butlins style game. 
The shark was then dynamited with my father, further abstraction followed as I found my self in the lobby of a Bournemouth hotel with trains running through. I then returned to my senses to find some hours had past and the sun once more illuminated my quarters. This seems to be happening on a daily basis, at intervals of roughly sixteen hours, what is this strange universe into which I’m being pulled, what is this time that disappears, the the black hole that leads from darkness to light. 
Please dear sir could you help me solve this riddle before melancholia and malaise lead me to an unfortunate bath tub related situation or worse, the priest hood? I hasten to add laudanum must be ruled out for I have been clean for many months and partake only in brandy and water for it’s medicinal and calming properties. 

Mother (from Mother and the Addicts)

Dear Mother,

First of all I wholeheartedly appreciate the articulate and detailed account of your incumbent malaise.It appears that you may have a chronic oedipus holiday complex exacerbated by the laudanum and further complicated by a skewed third eye projection from the perspective of a self erected Edgar Allen Podium.The flatfish however seems to betray an unconscious desire to be buggered thrice nightly by a faceless burly gamekeeper in a damp shed.


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