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Alsation situation

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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Dear Wullie Blake, 
Last week the man who lives at the end of my street came home and caught me drying my hands on his dead alsation which I had just dug up for company.Not knowing how to react at the time , I hid in a bush and started singing loudly.I now have several footprints on my head which confuse me and refuse to go away.Can you help me buck up my ideas?

yours painfully
Charlie Sheen

Wullie Blake says 

Dear Chazza

A robin redbreast in a cage sets Wullie Blake in a rage.Digging up a nieghbor’s pet my friend is infinitely worse.I suggest as a partial penance that you should inject super-glue into the entire passage of your urethra before your next night out.This may help buck up your ideas about what is acceptable in the eyes of  the Estevez family.

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