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Time machine/eggbound

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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Dear Wull,

I recently invented a time machine, only to find out that my uncle Germain has been travelling 30 seconds into the future and placing fried eggs in my pockets ( a pain in the balls , , true)how do i get my time machine back whilst broaching the egg thing keeping my dignity and not jeopardising my lute lessons?

 your faithfully    Farrel Baskingshark

Wullie Blake says

Who makes much of a miracle? I myself devised a time travel device, only to witness my own premature demise through spirit abuse.You must locate this dark relation by back tracking to his source via method of fried egg temperature geometry pulse.I shall supply you with the rudimentary knowledge of said method through a more covert medium very soon.After the rogue is found,an albino crow epigram pressed into his sleeping forehead should render his eggbound power nullified.He need know nothing.Thy dignity shall remain unbreached and thy lute lessons assured.

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