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OK Wullie, lets cut the crap

April 18, 2011 by Wullie Blake  
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OK Wullie, lets cut the crap.

Two nights ago I dreamt I left Dr. Kiko’s door wide open, allowing his cat (which was actually a dog in my dream – but I called it a cat) to escape into certain feralism and possibly death. This relentless nightmare offered me little comfort when my dream proceeded to develop a satanic theme. That is to say, that upon impregnating a young lady with no face, our child was born not five minutes later. This level of surreality is to be expected in the depths of the human psyche during rem sleep, however, the goblin which emerged from the uterus of this maiden was quite terrifying and I soon came to the realisation that this child was the Antichrist, and thus as it’s father I must be Lucifer himself. This massive leap of ego is as disturbing to me as the presence of my faceless consort or indeed our orc-featured infant. I awoke as the river Clyde burst into flame and my human skin began to crack to reveal the scales below.

This is true.

Please help me. Martin John Henry

Wullie Blake says
First of all Martin,before we crack open the seventh seal with our custom made Jungian army knife.We must remember it is, after all,only a dream we are talking about,albeit a Hieronymus Bosch-esque descent into the hairy pit of hermaphrodite shoe makers.Why,only two nights ago whilst returning naked from an unexplained triple murder,I abruptly found myself mid conversation with my father in my living room, whereupon realising that he had actually died a long time ago, I quickly gained dream lucidity and proceeded to leave the room hovering horizontally two inches above the carpet.Your dream however starts as a typical anxiety dream with some symbolic gender transference thrown in ( latent man-fud yearnings perhaps) then quickly nose dives into premature gestation allegory.Perhaps this indicates unconscious fears of an unnaturally accelerated evolution of personal state.The fruits of this being your Darwinian aberration offspring .The faceless consort represents the people you interact with blindly.I feel that you may be safe ,mentally, for now, as true evil only manifests when the effects of chronic misalignment with the light giving properties of the absolute become irreversible, chances are you are probably not ,nor are you  likely to become Beelzibub.

It is favourable to cross the great water,but take care.



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